Truck and Trailer Financing Available

If you don’t have enough capital available to buy trucks and trailers yourself, commercial truck financing can help offset the price. Commercial truck financing allows your business to get the trucks it requires to make deliveries, transport goods, and expand operations. Despite the continued pandemic, the industry is booming. With many people spending most of their time in their house, eCommerce and Amazon orders have skyrocketed. Which means more orders for trucking companies to satisfy.

Trucking companies are now trying to find ways to take advantage of latest business opportunities. So, how can commercial truck financing help you? Commercial truck financing gives you access to the funds needed to shop for a replacement truck, buy a second hand truck, or purchase upgrades/repairs on an existing truck.

Commercial truck financing results in ownership—your monthly payments go towards equity in an asset. Once the truck is paid off you’ll drive it without making further payments, or maybe trade it for a replacement vehicle. The advantages of owning your own vehicle tend to accumulate as time goes on.

Some business owners are wary of buying commercial trucks or semi-trucks due to the financing details. If your business has had difficulty with income or you have bad credit, it will be difficult and more costly to secure a loan, but commercial truck financing could also be within your reach. Additionally, trucks—like all vehicles—depreciate in value over time.

Amazon is relocating to Chula Vista California and looking for truck drivers with their own trucks. We can help finance your truck so that you can be eligible for this amazing opportunity. You finance the truck and Amazon puts their logo on it, but it’s your own business! We have great sprinter van deals! Contact us now for more information. To see if you qualify please fill out the application below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

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