Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment includes commercial grade refrigerators to bar stools and everything in between.  Restaurant equipment is a significant expense for owners.  Especially for startup restaurants.  Since restaurants are a risky endeavor statistically, it’s best for owners to finance everything they can.  Expenses that require cash are going to happen.  Make sure you save your cash for the intangibles items in business, and finance the equipment you need to get your business started.

For established restaurants, make sure you also keep your restaurant up to date.  Have you ever watched a restaurant makeover show?  What’s do they always do on those shows?  Give the restaurant a refresh with new furniture and appliances.  As nostalgic as it may be, nobody wants to pay money to eat in your restaurant if the furniture hasn’t changed since 1995.  The good news is that it’s easy to give your restaurant an update, make one monthly payment, and give your business a tax write off.  All at the same time.  For more information on our restaurant equipment financing programs, please contact us below:

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