Office Furniture

We all need a space to do our work. It is true that work can be accomplished at a card table with a folding chair, but we all know that’s not comfortable for the long term, nor professional. Believe it or not, customers do look around your office and react if your office furniture appears old and dingy. Let us help you get the office upgrade you need and deserve, and wrap it all into one convenient loan for you. 

When outfitting a fresh business or adding objects to an expanding business, the costs can add up quickly. When the costs add up quickly, the project can become reduced, may be postponed or it may impact your product margins. Zena Financial can help by offering a finance choice for you, relieving the headache of the massive cash outlay, overcoming a budgetary restriction, and keeping your product margins unbroken. Custom lease programs that fit the needs of you will let you get the furniture you need now and pay for it over time with a controllable monthly payment.

There are several causes why eight out of 10 American businesses have included leasing to finance their office furniture and equipment. Among the many motives are that leasing provides tax advantages, preserves credit lines and offers quicker approvals than when going through a bank.

Contact Zena Financial and see how we can help you increase your cash flow by offering a financing option.

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