Medical and Aesthetic Equipment

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The healthcare industry encompasses a wide-range of kit needs so finding a versatile and trusted finance partner can make a big difference within the success of your business. we provide solutions to assist you finance diagnostic and laboratory equipment, medical machines including ultrasound and EKG machines, in addition as surgical instruments.

Benefits of Medical Equipment Financing

Benefits Patients

Updated medical equipment will puts patients’ minds at ease. The best technology will help he patients feel better.

Tax Savings

You may be able to use the section 179 deduction to save a lot of money on taxes. Check it out today!

Stay Updated

You can stay up to date on he newest technology without clearing out your savings account. What do you have to lose?

As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries, healthcare providers now more than anytime ever have to be compelled to be focused on the bottom line while also delivering the most effective in patient care. Zena Financial is here to assist you with all of your medical equipment financing and medical equipment leasing needs. Our fast and versatile finance solutions provide you with the capital for essential equipment, especially when you need it most. we’ve got a solid understanding of the industry and may offer customized finance solutions that address all healthcare related financing requirements. From enterprise-wide hospital equipment, to independent medical practice financing, and even dental practice financing, we are here to expertly look after your business similar to how you are there to worry for your patients.

Whether you operate a large hospital, local clinic, nursing home, or are a home health care provider, Zena Financial is concentrated on caring for your business by providing you with very flexible finance solutions that meet your businesses growing demands.

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