Dispensaries Can Use Banks

Dispensaries Can Use Banks?

Although cash may be king, dealing in cash makes you feel less royal. Modern businesses depend on banks and credit for all things money. This includes everything from gathering cash to counting cash to paying your bills in dollars. The federal regulations that apply to cannabis remain strict. This means they are not able to access the same banking services as other businesses. What are the regulations regarding dispensaries and banks? How […]

Cannabis Business Equipment That May Be Financed

For much of beginning history of the cannabis industry, cash was king: all sales and most business purchases had to be administered mostly or entirely in cash. However, new laws, new regulations, new payment platforms, and new products have opened the exchange of capital from buyer to seller, grower to distributor, and owner to vendor. […]

Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business – How to start

In just a fraction of the country, cannabis is fully illegal. But in 38 states across the U.S., it’s legal either recreationally or medically, has been decriminalized, or a mixture of the three. This suggests the demand for cannabis is high and it’s a comparatively new industry to legally enter if you’re considering starting a […]

Cannabis Industry

Lease loans for cannabis equipment are credits that allow cannabis entrepreneurs to purchase equipment for their cannabis cultivation, production and distribution. However, the cannabis industry in the United States is still new, and although such loans now have higher interest rates, these rates should decrease as risk goes down, making financing cannabis devices a more […]

Cannabis Equipment Financing

In an ever “Cannabis” growing industry, the easement of U.S. Laws provides the power for exponential growth as more states are likely to legalize marijuana. Still, there are many restrictions, specifically in terms of cannabis equipment financing. The Cannabis, Hemp & CBD industry faces obstacles from federal regulations that successively make obtaining financing from the normal FDIC insured banks almost impossible. With traditional loans […]

Cannabis Equipment Loans

Getting the Green for the Green – Financing Cannabis Projects

While there has been a steady growth in the number of cannabis businesses, they are facing limited funding options for Cannabis Equipment Loans. Branching out, or opening new retail chains has become difficult and finding capital for smaller businesses is almost impossible. This is mainly because cannabis is still illegal under federal law. Moreover, bigger […]

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