Cannabis Equipment

All About The Industry

As of 2018, cannabis has become a $10 billion industry which means more of a need for cannabis equipment. For both medical and recreational uses, the industry has exploded as states have moved to legalize marijuana. Cannabis is an emerging industry that’s poised for significant growth. Many entrepreneurs are planning new businesses throughout space, targeting farming, laboratory research, and dispensing among other sectors. No matter which market niche is your focus, the proper equipment can boost your productivity and sales.  

$73.6 billion​

This is what the cannabis market will be valued at by 2027 based on current trajectory.


The number of full-time legal cannabis jobs in the US as of 2020 and growing.


How much higher the average cannabis industry wage is than the national average.

Equipment needed to grow and cultivate the crops can be expensive, and previously couldn’t be financed by traditional lenders. Fortunately, that has changed. Let us help you find the best cannabis equipment financing or startup loans for cannabis equipment solution to help you acquire the equipment you need for your grow and lab. The loans for your cannabis business can make a huge difference in your future success. There are alternative ways to shop for and buy the equipment you would like to grow your business. Contact us to explore cannabis equipment financing options. We will help you find the best fit when it involves buying the equipment you require for your cannabis business.

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