Business Attitude

Do You Have The Right Business Attitude?

One of the most important keys to success will be your business attitude. As we enter the second week of the New Year it is a good time to check our attitude about success. As Zig Ziglar says, “Your attitude in life will determine your altitude.”

Small business success is about becoming bigger than your challenges. You must have the attitude of being an overcomer. After all, how can your own personal growth, let alone small business growth take place if you are not facing a challenge or overcoming something? Think about it. If you are not stepping up and embracing change then nothing will change.

Small Business Success: What Are You Overcoming?

As a personal business coach I encounter business owners who tell me that things are just fine and that there really isn’t much they want to change. But, when I scratch below the surface I find that there are things that need to be changed for the business to remain relevant and profitable.

One of the keys to success and small business success is to create challenges to improve even when we don’t feel like it. How do you do that? Have the attitude that there is always something that can be refined or improved. Have an attitude of being open to change and the process that it involves.

Small Business Success: What Is Your Plan?

Self-employed business owners of all types, whether they are entrepreneurs or solo professionals, running a small business or coming up with a startup business plan, must have an attitude that welcomes the new.

And, the first place that welcoming the new starts is in your mind. Thoughts are things. And your attitude about your thoughts will determine if you act on them.

Where do you start? Make a list of everything that would improve your business and enhance your opportunity for small business success. Next determine how you feel about them. Some of them you will readily embrace while others you will want to avoid.

Small Business Success: Embracing What You Want To Avoid

Look at the ones you want to avoid. Usually those are the ones where there is some type of fear holding you back. And, usually those are the ones that can have the most significant, positive impact on your small business success.

Resolve to do something about what you fear. Start exercising that muscle to overcome fear. The cost is that you will experience some pain in getting started. The benefit is that when you do exercise your overcomer muscle that good things will begin to happen. You will start to build momentum.

One success will encourage you to overcome something else. You will be creating a pattern of thinking and acting, by exercising your overcomer muscle that will take you to the personal and business success you desire.

You will have the attitude of taking action on your thoughts. You will be using the tools within you. You will experience small business success because your good attitude of overcoming will cause you to rise to a higher and higher altitude taking you to the business and life you desire.

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