Brewery Equipment

According to statistics from the National Brewers Association, the general beer market in 2017 was worth $111.4 billion and craft beer sales increased by 5 percent an equivalent year. On top of that, there have been 6,372 total breweries last year — about 2,252 brewpubs and 3,812 microbreweries — which has been the most the U.S. has ever seen! If you’re a brewer anywhere within the nation, right away is your opportunity to thrive as an entrepreneurial business owner, and to run a successful brewery, you should to supply great tasting beers for a broad audience.

In order to make those brews, you need to possess great ingredients, great recipes and therefore the right equipment. Whether you’re trying to find fermenters, kettles, barrels, kegs, or bottling equipment, at Zena Financial, we provide a brewery equipment financing program which will suit your needs. However, brewery equipment does not come cheap.  Depending on how many barrels you will need, price tags range from 5 figures to 7 figures.  It is a good idea to finance brewery equipment in order to save your capital for other costs.

Our team will gladly provide brewery equipment financing for so you’ll find a monthly payment that’s supported by your budget. Brewing craft beer is an art.  Focus on your brew, and let us worry about the equipment financing.  For more information, contact us at 619-333-1300, or fill out this form below.

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