Converting Outstanding Bills Into Quick Cash through Business Invoice Factoring

Businesses that are just starting out have a lot more than simply office space and utility bills to concern themselves with. Before they ever produce a deliverable which will bring income, they need to hire and possibly pay employees, purchase the resources required to supply the deliverables and look for other clients which will allow them to repeat this cycle. Without a history of credit, these businesses […]

Small Business Money

Managing Your Small Business Money – Quick Tips

As you recognize, money is always the lifeblood of any business. This is often very true if you’re trying to begin your own small business for the first time. If you neglect be sure your cash is tightly managed at all times, you increase your chance of failure. Here are 5 easy ways of being sure you mange your money the proper way: Price your products or services to make sure a profit. Don’t fall under the […]

SBA Loan Myths

Most small business owners have considered financing at some point within the lifetime of their business. You’ll have considered expansion, buying new equipment, more inventories, purchasing land , or simply trying to find a replacement capital infusion. But the confusion surrounding an SBA loan may perplex or frustrate even the foremost astute entrepreneur. Conflicting information from your trusted advisors or the web might not help to bring you closer to separating […]

Cannabis Equipment Financing

In an ever “Cannabis” growing industry, the easement of U.S. Laws provides the power for exponential growth as more states are likely to legalize marijuana. Still, there are many restrictions, specifically in terms of cannabis equipment financing. The Cannabis, Hemp & CBD industry faces obstacles from federal regulations that successively make obtaining financing from the normal FDIC insured banks almost impossible. With traditional loans […]

Getting the cash you need!

Everybody would like money to start out a business. The quantity required and the way it’s obtained varies considerably depending on the owner, sort of business, industry, strategy, advertising plan, etc. If you’re among the lucky ones, you will not need much, or you already have quite enough to start and won’t need a loan. […]

MRI Financing

MRI Financing

If you’ve decided that it’s time for your facility to obtain a replacement MRI system, you’ve probably already spent an honest chunk of your time considering how your facility is going to get it. Unless your facility is ready to buy the equipment outright, you will need to explore MRI financing options. Medical equipment financing […]

Surgical Robots

The Scoop on Surgical Robots

The same kinds of detection and emergency-braking features that have helped make cars safer may soon be coming to the OR. These surgical robots could show surgeons things they can’t see with their eyes, like real-time blood flow, and enable them to avoid tissue damage as they operate. Advancements in AI and other technologies are […]

Financing the Right Medical Equipment

Financing the Right Medical Equipment

Emergency personnel are faced with life or death decisions on a day to day basis and they need to have absolute faith in their equipment. Sub-standard equipment can mean disaster. Durable medical equipment is non-negotiable once you hold the entire life of a patient in your hands and financing the right medical equipment is important […]

IRS Tax Code Section 179

IRS TAX CODE SECTION 179 The internal revenue service (IRS) of the section 179 code is a bureau under the department of treasury. It is concerned with the coercion of income tax law. Besides, the IRS is responsible for determining the pension-plan conservations. Even more, the IRS ensures that it offers guidance on how US […]

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