What Kind of Industrial Equipment Financing Will Work Best

It can be hard for a new or existing business to decide which type of industrial equipment leasing or buying is best. There are many industrial equipment financing options available to suit all business types, including those with bad credit and those that only work part-time. To give new businesses the boost they need, certain plans were […]

The cost of invoice factoring

Do you use invoices in your business? Are you experiencing cash flow problems because of unpaid invoices in your business? If this is you, then you might consider invoice financing. This funding option, also known as “invoice financing” or “accounts receivable finance,” allows business owners to access the funds they need from customers who have not paid their invoices. […]

What Is Accounts Receivable Financing Based On?

Accounts receivable financing refers to a type of financing arrangement in which one company sells or lends its outstanding bills to another company to receive timely payments on their due bills. The financing company pays a fee in exchange for an amount equaling the lower value of unpaid invoices. Payments for business to business sales do […]

SBA Loan Programs

The US Small Business Administration or the SBA provides loans to small businesses, which fail to fulfill the eligibility criteria required to obtain loans from banks and other conventional sources. SBA loans aim at strengthening and improving the economy of the nation by supporting the growth of small businesses. There are various ways start-up business […]

Small Business Loans Can Help You Write Your Success Story

Scene one: You are frustrated and sitting at your desk, surrounded by files and work overload. You work hard and get paid. Yet, something is missing. Scene two: You work for yourself and do what you love. If you work hard, you’re satisfied. Because you work hard, you come home a better person every day. You will also earn more. […]

Quick Invoice Factoring

Quick Invoice Factoring may be the move

Quick invoice factoring is a fast and easy way to solve cash flow problems. Invoice factoring is the sale of your invoices and account receivables in order to obtain immediate working capital. Factoring invoices can help you get cash out of unpaid invoices. This is a simple and effective way to solve financial problems for small- or […]

Use a Working Capital Loan

Use a Working Capital Loan

Every day, business owners in the United States are facing the same dilemma: whether to borrow working capital or not. The environment in which business owners live is one of fear and uncertainty. According to the unemployment statistics, there hasn’t been any improvement in the economic situation since 2008 when things began to fall apart. Many small business […]

Loan for Your Business

Reasons To Secure a Loan for Your Business

A startup loan for your business can be difficult to obtain for a new business that is not yet mature, particularly if it’s still in incubation or the concept stage. Smaller startups that only require office space, equipment and supplies may need hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to launch their venture. Many people cannot afford […]

Dispensaries Can Use Banks

Dispensaries Can Use Banks?

Although cash may be king, dealing in cash makes you feel less royal. Modern businesses depend on banks and credit for all things money. This includes everything from gathering cash to counting cash to paying your bills in dollars. The federal regulations that apply to cannabis remain strict. This means they are not able to access the same banking services as other businesses. What are the regulations regarding dispensaries and banks? How […]

Cannabis Business Equipment That May Be Financed

For much of beginning history of the cannabis industry, cash was king: all sales and most business purchases had to be administered mostly or entirely in cash. However, new laws, new regulations, new payment platforms, and new products have opened the exchange of capital from buyer to seller, grower to distributor, and owner to vendor. […]