Quick Invoice Factoring

Quick Invoice Factoring may be the move

Quick invoice factoring is a fast and easy way to solve cash flow problems. Invoice factoring is the sale of your invoices and account receivables in order to obtain immediate working capital. Factoring invoices can help you get cash out of unpaid invoices. This is a simple and effective way to solve financial problems for small- or […]

Use a Working Capital Loan

Every day, business owners in the United States are facing the same dilemma: whether to borrow working capital or not. The environment in which business owners live is one of fear and uncertainty. According to the unemployment statistics, there hasn’t been any improvement in the economic situation since 2008 when things began to fall apart. Many small business […]

Loan for Your Business

Reasons To Secure a Loan for Your Business

A startup loan for your business can be difficult to obtain for a new business that is not yet mature, particularly if it’s still in incubation or the concept stage. Smaller startups that only require office space, equipment and supplies may need hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to launch their venture. Many people cannot afford […]

Dispensaries Can Use Banks

Dispensaries Can Use Banks?

Although cash may be king, dealing in cash makes you feel less royal. Modern businesses depend on banks and credit for all things money. This includes everything from gathering cash to counting cash to paying your bills in dollars. The federal regulations that apply to cannabis remain strict. This means they are not able to access the same banking services as other businesses. What are the regulations regarding dispensaries and banks? How […]

Cannabis Business Equipment That May Be Financed

For much of beginning history of the cannabis industry, cash was king: all sales and most business purchases had to be administered mostly or entirely in cash. However, new laws, new regulations, new payment platforms, and new products have opened the exchange of capital from buyer to seller, grower to distributor, and owner to vendor. […]

Why Banks Reject Your Small Business Loan

Why Banks Reject Your Small Business Loan

For a small business to grow into a large business, it needs a loan unless there are exceptional sales and profit margins. A small business owner will have quite few places where they can go for a loan request. Banks seem to be one of their popular options on most occasions. What these owners won’t […]

The Basics on Working Capital Loans

The Basics on Working Capital Loans

Every small business has experienced how important it is to possess sufficient capital handy. capital is the money a business must operate and therefore the cash your company needs to have to cover costs. The operating costs include buying inventory, paying employees and maintaining your building. If your capital is spread thin, it is time […]

5 Things to Remember When Planning Cash Flow

5 Things to Remember When Planning Cash Flow

Geoff Williams – Journalist, freelance writer SUMMARY 5 Things to Remember When Planning Cash Flow – While no business owner plans to fail, not planning cash flow could mean you’re setting your company up to do just that. The cash flow gods can be cruel. One minute, you have plenty in the bank, and the next you realize […]

Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business – How to start

In just a fraction of the country, cannabis is fully illegal. But in 38 states across the U.S., it’s legal either recreationally or medically, has been decriminalized, or a mixture of the three. This suggests the demand for cannabis is high and it’s a comparatively new industry to legally enter if you’re considering starting a […]

Invoice Factoring for Entrepreneurs

Invoice Factoring for Entrepreneurs

You’ve launched a business, built a team, and attracted a base of clients who love what you are doing. In other words, you’ve become a real-deal entrepreneur. So now what? If you would like your company to still grow, you’ll have to finance your business for both the short term and also the long-term. To […]