What is the deal with working capital loans?

Although a newly founded business may not have any revenue, it still has to pay its operating expenses every day. A new venture takes time to reach profitability and generate revenue. It will need capital to cover its daily business expenses such as property rent, employee salaries and marketing expenses. Working capital is the amount of capital used […]

Ready to add a truck?

Commercial truck financing may be an option if you’re thinking about adding a truck to your fleet. Semi-truck financing allows you to purchase a more durable vehicle that will meet your needs for a longer time. Trucking business owners may initially believe that they cannot afford a lower-quality vehicle due to the amount of money they have. They […]

Small Business Finance – Finding the Right Mix of Debt and Equity

A small business owner can find financing difficult and time-consuming. Finance can be the most crucial part of growing a company, but it is important to not let the business become too dependent on it. Finance is the interaction between cash, risk, and value. You can manage each one well to ensure a healthy finance mix for you […]

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