Reducing Operating Costs for Your Startup Is Essential for Longevity

Reducing Operating Costs? Cash flow management is already a challenge for startups, but COVID-19 isn’t making matters better. With unemployment rising and other people spending less money on certain goods or services, startups are likely to suffer during this point . However, reducing operating expenses can help a startup stay afloat until operations are back […]

Business Attitude

Do You Have The Right Business Attitude?

One of the most important keys to success will be your business attitude. As we enter the second week of the New Year it is a good time to check our attitude about success. As Zig Ziglar says, “Your attitude in life will determine your altitude.” Small business success is about becoming bigger than your […]

What Happens When You Default on an SBA Loan?

What happens to my SBA loan when my business fails? So your business is struggling, and you are wondering, what happens to my SBA guaranteed business loan? What indeed… Let’s answer that question by first understanding what the SBA guarantee actually means. The guarantee is actually for the BANK, not the borrower. Which means that […]

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